Web Services

I offer a full range of web services, including some of the marketing tools you need to drive people to your site.

SEO: It is important to register your business in a number of places. The larger search engines have continually changed the way in which they rank businesses. Now, content is the thing that will improve your rankings in the search engines. There is no magic...

One of the most important new developments results from the number of people that are accessing the web from their phones. Most of the sites I build now are responsive, meaning that they look great no matter what device you use to view them. Having a responsive site really enhances viewer's opinions of your web site. It also makes it much easier for them to share the site with their friends.

Using social media enhances the effectiveness of your site by involving others in a conversation about your business. One of the services that my clients have found very valuable is the creation of interesting ads that they can post on a facebook page along with a hot link to their web page. These vary depending on the type of business and the time of year. As I am a photographer as well as a web developer, I have a huge library of images that I can press into use for this purpose. I own the copyright to all of them so there is never any problem with usage. Use this as a way to really keep your name out there.

You can count on me to make changes and post new content in a timely manner. When you call me, you get a fast and accurate response. I will always give you my best.

Being a photographer greatly augments my performance as a web developer. Whatever your business, you need great images that make you and your business look great. I provide this as part of my design packages. The internet is a graphical medium and viewers are far more likely to be interested by great images than by long, dry articles. Please take a look at my samples page.

Video is getting increasingly important on the web. As bandwidth gets better, video is now the ideal way to present your services and products to your prospective clientele. This allows them to truly connect with what you have to offer.