What Is Creative Cloud

I needed to upgrade my graphics software so I went to Adobe's site and started shopping. Adobe is heavily pushing their new Creative Cloud program. There are a number of different plans available. The one I selected essentially gives you access to Adobe's Master Collection for the reasonable monthly fee of $50 a month if you make a commitment of one year.

Now for the answers to some questions that, I'm sure, are jumping across your mind! You get to download the software and keep it on your desktop. You can save files to your desktop, to the Creative Cloud, or both. The fee is automatically charged to your credit card each month. The software must phone home once a month to check your subscription. While this seems invasive, Adobe is giving you access to software worth around $2,700. At the rate of $50 per month it is 54 months to break even. As I need most of this software, this was a no brainer. If you don't want to make the annual commitment you can pay $79 a month for the privilege of canceling at any time.

So I took the plunge and signed up. This took a very short period of time. I could then download the programs I wanted. The process is super smooth and I couldn't be happier. The latest offerings from Adobe are fantastic and blazing fast on my 64 bit machine and plenty of support is provided. In my opinion, this is the best thing Adobe could have done. They get payment for their intellectual property and many people will have access to these programs that couldn't have afforded the large outlay of buying the package.

Take a minute, head over to adobe.com and see if you like what you see.