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Diamond Lil a B-24I started doing photography when I was 12 years old. My father was stationed at an air base in England at that time and I loved to take pictures of the jets taking off and landing at the end of the flight line. I developed and printed my black and white photos at the base hobby shop. One day, base security showed up while I was out there and confiscated my film. Of course, a call was made to my father and that was the end of my flight line shooting.

Now, I do commercial, portrait, event and family shooting.  I really enjoy doing portraits. One of my favorite things to shoot is people and their pets. Pets bring people so much happiness and vice-versa. It is a chance to catch them both at their best. I consider it a privilege when I am asked to do a wedding as it is such a special day for the bride, groom and both families. Wedding photography happens to be pretty challenging too and I do enjoy a challenge.

Some years ago, I started pursuing web design as a part of my business. It has become one of the more important aspects of what I do. Web development leads me to commercial photography. This can include many different types of photographic work. Often, images are desired of the owners and or their employees. Landscape images of the exterior and interior shots are also needed. In addition, product photos are needed for e-commerce and related sales efforts. It is great to see what I can come up with that will make my client's marketing and web presence unusual and appealing. Please take a look at the web development area on this web site. There are links there to some of the web sites I have had the privilege to build.

When you contact me to do a shoot and or a web site for you, you can count on great service and on receiving my best efforts. When you contact me, we will assess your needs and come up with the right course of direction for you.

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That is an easy question to answer. You will find that when you need my help I am easy to reach. This is one of the most important attributes of a business professional. I also make a great effort to post new content or changes

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Portraiture is one of the types of photography I like most. It is a real pleasure to find the expression of a person's personality in their eyes. If you find yourself in a session with me, you will find that I make every effort to

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It has been my privilege to shoot many equestrians and their mounts. There is something very special about the relationship between rider and horse. Enjoy the sample images. I hope to be able to post one of you and your horse in the near future.

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I offer a full range of web services, including some of the marketing tools you need to drive people to your site.

SEO: It is important to register your business in a number of places. The larger search engines have continually changed the way in

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Weddings are one of the most rewarding but also one of the most serious photography challenges.

Preparation is the key to having success as a wedding photographer. When the wonderful day comes, the shooter must have two of everything, have all the batteries charged and

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